M12 Scaffolding Restraint Tie/ Eye Screw (50mm Eye) Apollo Fixing Steel Bright Zinc Plated

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Screw Size: M12 x 140 (50mm Eye)
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The Scaffold Restraint Tie/ Screw 50mm Eye is made of zinc-plated steel, together with the Scaffold Nylon expansion plug, suitable for fixing into concrete and solid brick. The Screw Eye bolt is ideally suited for fixing façade scaffolds, cables, or chains.


The ideal interaction of the scaffold eyebolt and plug allows for a high load-bearing capacity, thus providing increased safety.
The high-quality weld stops the eye from opening.
Also known as Apollo ties, scaffold screws or scaffold ties and even lollipops!

A zinc plated eyebolt with 50mm eye, suitable for use in concrete, masonry and most natural stone.  
Ideal for tying in scaffolding and staging.
Restraint Tie Sizes:
  • 12 x 140mm - 50mm Eye
  • 12 x 160mm - 50mm Eye
  • 12 x 200mm - 50mm Eye
  • 12 x 250mm - 50mm Eye
  • 12 x 300mm - 50mm Eye
60mm Thread Length 

The nylon plugs (sold separately) are much stronger than plastic wall plugs. As they are manufactured from nylon the tensile loads are higher. The eyebolts and plugs are easy to install (requiring only a 14mm drill bit), and can also be used with timber frames (without plugs).

Tested by Department of Structural Engineering of Politecnico di Torino
Technical Information
Characteristic kN Design kN Recommended kN
Concrete C20/25 20.0 5.0 3.5
20 N/mm2 Solid Brick 7.6 1.9 1.3
Loads for brickwork are subject to the type and condition of the bricks

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